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Clarks Originals reissues 1970s Rambler shoe

Clarks’ heritage brand, Clarks Originals, isn’t usually shy about bringing back its vintage styles, but the Clarks Rambler has been suspiciously absent from its catalogue for some years. Not anymore.

Yes, it’s back, a replica of the original, which dates back to the late 70s (around 1978) and is certain to have geography teachers jumping for joy. Indeed, its quirky appeal is probably going to pick up a few fans outside that demographic too, especially those asymmetric seams, chunky laces and distinctive crepe sole.

Get them in the two colour options you see above, priced at £75.

Clarks website

Note that there is a Clarks Outlet online, which is also worth a browse.

Update: This style is no longer available, but the shoe does come up regularly via a rare Clarks seller on eBay.

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