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Fatman Wi-Tube – valve audio system for your iPhone


New meets old with the Fatman Wi-Tube – an old school valve-based audio system for your iPhone.

Looks alone sell it – those valves sat proudly on a curved base, complete with old school VU meter and some chrome detailing. But it's not all about the looks, you also get a wireless FatDock for accessing tunes from your iPhone (or iPod) and of course, that 'warm' valve-based audio, which adds a traditional warmth to your digital tunes, not to mention an output of 28w per channel.

Also included is a remote control, the option to synchronise tunes with your computer (via USB) and the ability to hook up other music devices (with the aid of a cable). £399 is the price for the system, look out for it in April. See a larger image of the main unit over the page.

Fatman website


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