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Domenica Sport handmade bicycle by Bertelli


Bikes don't get much more stylish than the Domenica Sport bicycle by Bertelli.

Not just rolled off a production line, each one is unique, with every part assembled, finished and fine-tuned by hand, mixing new part with 'new old stock' and viontage parts found everywhere from old bike shops to flea markets. And don't to see a logo – Bertelli doesn't do those.

But it does do the Domenica Sport, which offers up  Nitto dropbars on a 'rare' Belgian-made Titan stem, an alien track frame 55 black and silver wheelset, Gran Compe SS White tyres, a swallow Wrights W3SW saddle, vintage SR custom seatpost, chrome straight fork, Gipiemme special cranks, Campagnolo 46T chainring on 16T rear cog, MKS track pedals, soma double-gate toeclips and MKS toestraps. Obviously none of that comes cheap, with a price for the above coming in at $1,600. See over the page for a detail shot.

Find out more at the Bertelli website

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