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Mobiles phones go retro – Motorola StarTAC gets a colourful reissue

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As a rule, the 1990s is a bit too early to become 'retro', but as mobile phones are updated pretty much on a weekly basis, 1996 is a lifetime away in the world of handsets. That was the year the Motorola StarTAC was first issued and almost 15 years on, it's been reissued in various colourful shades.

Not by Motorola you understand. The new StarTAC is produced by French company Lekki, with the vintage flip phone being the first in a range of old phones being brought back by the company, aimed at lovers of no-nonsense calling and no doubt, modern-day hipsters with a love of the ironic.

So what do you get? Well, a second-hand handset as you might have guessed, but one that's been given a revamped exterior in a choice of green, magenta, yellow (pictured) or black (with the option of making your own too if you wish), but keeps the same functionality of calling, texting and…well, that's it. No social networks or push email here, although you do get a retractable antenna and a vibration alert when calls and messages appear. Be thankful for that.

Fancy one? You can bag one online for 109 Euros. Don't fancy this one? A new vintage model will be added each month – so keep an eye on the website for your old favourite.

Find out more at the Lekki website

One thought on “Mobiles phones go retro – Motorola StarTAC gets a colourful reissue

  1. Hallo,

    I really want to buy this phone called lekki looks like the older model off Motorola startec! Can you please tell me where to buy one?

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