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Lambretta returns in 2011 with the Lambretta LN scooter


Well, just a matter of days since the Vespa PX was confirmed for a return, another classic scooter brand is back on the market – Lambretta with the Lambretta LN scooter.

This new model is apparently being made in Italy by Motom Electronics Group SPA, a tribute to the original, but very much a new model with a few more squared off edges than original models and a twin-valve, single-cylinder air-cooled engine in a choice of 125 or 150cc models. Plenty of colour options available too for some added individualism.


It's been shown off at trade shows, but right now, there's no indication of when it will land and indeed, how much the Lambretta LN scooter will retail for. It is a finished model though and a general '2011' has been thrown around. The purists will surely hate it, but as a mix of retro styling and modern scootering, it's got to be a winner.

More images at the website

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