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Adidas Montreal trainers are a Size? exclusive in brown


The Adidas Montreal seems to the Size? exclusive trainer of choice at the moment. You can still pick up past colour options in limited sizes (although most sold out swiftly), but there's a new one coming your way in the coming weeks, an exclusive issue in brown.

The Adidas Montreal is quitw an interesting shoe, loosely based on the Gazelle design it has a distinctive collapsible heel that was designed to allow footballers to get the shoe on and off easily after training. Indeed, it's actually classed as a kind of 'clog' for that very reason. But let's be honest, it's not really one.


The latest colour option is down as brown and white, but looks more like a brown and beige to us, sat on top of that textured / matching gum sole unit. It's likely to sell fast, so you might want to register an interest at Size? to get notified when they hit the (virtual) shelves.

£59.99 is the price, with more colours to follow later in the year if brown isn't quite your thing.

Size? website

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