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Apollo table by Stuart Melrose

If you name your table Apollo, you'd almost certainly expect it to have a space age feel. Stuart Melrose's design doesn't disappoint on that front. Its curvy lines, clean white surfaces and tinted glass all give it that distinctive look. 

However, the table has also used more recent developments in construction and unexpected material to create that look. Melrose works with both boat design and roofing technology to create his furniture. It's also made from Corian, a blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer – fittingly invented in the 1960s. 

The tables are individually made to order and are limited to 300 in total. As you may have guessed this all adds up to a pretty hefty price tay. The exact price? £3450.

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  • That is the coolest coffee table light. It reminds me of the Jetsons. I would love that for my den but I think my wife would kill me LOL.