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Kaiser Idell 6556-super floor lamp


We've featured a Kaiser Idell table lamp before, but here's another imposing piece of twentieth century design, the 6556-super floor lamp.

Like the table lamp, it was designed by Christian Dell, an industrial designer at the Bauhaus and first produced back in the 1930s. It also shares that lamp's classic modernist good looks and is made from steel and brass. Take your pick from a black or white version. 

The lamp costs £614.

Buy it from The Conran Shop

One thought on “Kaiser Idell 6556-super floor lamp

  1. Someone has put the dot in the wrong place Shirley?? £61.40
    would be a reasonable price. For £614 I would want Jasper to come and turn it on and off for me. Or am I just a tight Yorkshire man??
    The barking lion……..

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