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Robot alarm clock from Habitat

Robot alarm clock

This robot alarm clock from Habitat is a great piece of fun retro design for your kids – or just yourself.

The robot stands at just over 11cm high and is made from plastic. As well as looking good, he's got the added bonus of a clock in his stomach – and an alarm to go with it. This blue hatted robot is our favourite but Habitat is also stocking a slightly crazed looking pink robot alarm clock too. 

They're both currently reduced in price to £8. 

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  • Stephen J Ashmore

    Imagine you have had a wonderful peaceful nights sleep, dreaming sweet dreams. The alarm goes off you turn over to turn it off. You open a bleary eye and come face to face with Bluesy or worse Pinkie robot out to scare the living daylights out of any person daft enough to buy this scary beast. After waking up to that I would need another long long long kip…….
    The barking lion