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Vintage-style Hollander city bikes in new colours at


We have featured these in the past, but if you haven't got round to picking up one of the vintage-style Hollander city bikes, there's a new selection of colours just landed at, in pink, cream and khaki green.

As you've probably noticed, this is a Dutch-style city bike, made by a company with 'sixty years experience in creating high quality bicycles', apparently 'well-known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail'. The refreshed range is the women's version of the single-gear bicycle, with luggage carrier, stand, bell, light and pump all included. The frame is steel, with leather, spring-mounted saddle and steel calliper brakes.

Like all gear, the three bikes are offered heavily discounted for a limited period of time. In this case, £179, down from the high street price of £549. That price is available for around 10 days. See the other colours over the page.

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One thought on “Vintage-style Hollander city bikes in new colours at

  1. one way to spot a copy-cat with ‘Made in China’ written all over it, is to notice the rod-brakes (and other 2nd rate specs). Last time Dutch bikes came standard with those was 40 odd years ago, when even the low-end (but real Dutch) classic granny bikes got fitted with drum brakes.
    Same applies to ‘Dutch’ brands like ‘Hollandia’, selling these pieces of crap abroad, deluding you with ‘over x years of craftsmanship’ & other bollocks ,while on the Dutch market only box / dept stores will put them on display. Sometimes.
    You’ve been warned.

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