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“A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music” Print

Pop Chart Lab’s mission is to render the world in the form of charts, covering a wide range of popular culture subjects, my favourite being this one.

“A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music” is a limited edition print that as the name clearly states offers illustrations of music’s most memorable styles. The illustrations are just of the hair (including facial hair where applicable) without faces, but they are all pretty easy to recognise – although initial and surname are given below just in case. As you would expect McCartney’s mop top, Ziggy Stardust era Bowie and Morrissey’s quiff are in there, but with plenty of others too. The print measures 18 by 24 inches and has been signed by the artists.

Buy it online from the Pop Chart Lab priced $25.

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