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Verner Panton 1960s space age Cloverleaf modular sofa reissued by VerPan


It's not exactly cheap, but the Verner Panton Cloverleaf modular sofa is a stunning design and is newly-reissued by VerPan.

In fact, this is effectively the first proper issue. Panton designed the sofa in the late '60s, giving it an official debut at the legendary Visiona 2 exhibition in Cologne in 1970. After that, it drifted away, failing to go into wider production. Until now, that is.

The sofa is constructed from a mix of foam, pine, plywood and kvadrat fabric (in a variety of colours), with different units available, which combine in a myriad of ways to fit the space you have. So if you have one of those huge 1960s modernist houses, you'll want quite a few pieces. The rest of us might get away with just a couple.

Of course, size of room is only half the issue. This is a premium Panton reissue and as such, commands an appropriate price. As a guide, £3,386 is the price of a single unit.

Find out more at the Made in Design website


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