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Martello Palmeral sofa from House of Hackney

Martello palmeral sofa

A mixture of styles are used in this striking Martello Palmeral sofa from House of Hackney

First of all, the pattern. It's a new design from the company who we've written about a number of times on Retro To Go. Palmeral is a tropical palm leaf design which looks like it could have come out of the depths of the 60s/70s. Here it's been applied to deep velvet to add to the luxurious look.

And then there's the sofa. It's a modernist style design, handmade with a hard wood frame, chrome-plated arms and mild steel legs. The simple shape offers an interesting contrast to the luscious pattern, and creates a fresh new look. 

It comes at a price though: £3950 to be exact. 

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