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Personalised Playlist Print by Betsy Benn

The Personalised Playlist Print by Betsy Benn is not just a great bit of aliteration, it is also a pretty cool piece of artwork.

The design features eleven turntables which will be personalised with your eleven favourite songs on the record labels. It would definitely make a great gift for someone whose music tastes you are confident you know well or perhaps a partner with whom you've shared many musical memories. Or you could just buy one for yourself – if you can whittle your choice down to just eleven songs. The print is available in either A3 or A2, priced £38 and £53 unframed. For fans of cassettes, there is a similar design featuring tapes – and another with MP3 players, but we'll gloss over that.

Once you've picked your songs, order your print via Not on the High Street.

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