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Paapii Raksu Dog DIY Kits


Way back in 2007, one of the first things I wrote about for this site was a dachshund craft kit. And now I think it is time to feature another with this Paapii Raksu Dog DIY Kit.

The Paapii kits originate in Finland – although the instructions are, thankfully, in English. The cute retro dogs are made from 100% cotton sateen and the finished size is 35cm long. They are supplied as sheet rather like a teatowel from which you cut out the pieces and with the aid of a sewing machine and some filling, transform into a toy dog. 

Paapii-raksu-green-dog-diy-kit (1)
You have the choice of kits in green, blue, black or pink with each, priced just under £20 each.

Buy the kits online at Hus and Hem.

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