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Yellow floral embroidered coat from River Island

Yellow floral embroidered coat

For a dressier women's jacket for spring/summer, it's hard to pass on the charms of this yellow floral embroidered coat from River Island

Designed to look deliberately retro, the coat has a cute sixties style collar and is covered with a repeating stylized floral pattern.

Peer a bit closer (there's a detail below) and you'll see that the sunshine yellow flower pattern isn't printed or made from machine lace – it's actually made from embroidery on organza giving the coat a dressier feel than perhaps comes across in these images.

That said, with its relaxed fit and popper finish, it would also be a fun design to wear about town – especially on those rare days that are as bright as the colour of the coat itself. 

It's available for £70.

River Island website

Yellow coat fabric detail

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