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Retro caravan bed for kids from Oliver Hayden

Caravan bed

We're a bit jealous of the lucky kid who gets to go to sleep in this retro caravan bed from Oliver Hayden

While it's called a bed, it's a bit more substantial than that, with the actual space for the bed within a substantial vintage caravan-shaped structure, complete with windows, doors, wheels, rear lights and the coupling bar. And it's a mini home from home, with a shelf on the back wall and additional storage available under the bed itself. The roof is made of Ecru Cloth and can be rolled back for a night under the stars, or at least the bedroom ceiling. 

The bed is handmade to order and available in 21 different colours. You can even get a personalized number plate for the ultimate kids status symbol. 

The caravan bed is priced at £1390. 

Oliver Hayden website

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Caravan bed back

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