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Helter Skelter fairground-inspired lights by Carousel

Helter skelter light

These Helter Skelter fairground-inspired lights by Carousel make a very cool statement. 

Carousel actually specialise in fairground-style lighting, from slick new designs to more industrial-style pieces. It's also well-worth checking out their made-over vintage pieces. These Helter Skelter lights, however, our some of our favourites. 

They're made from high-quality steel, weathered to give that world-worn effect, contrasting with the light from the bulbs. You can order them in every letter from A to Z, and as an arrow, heart or star too. There are two sizes available, standing at either 35cm, or the more imposing 80cm high. 

Your selection, however, might be slightly dictated by the price. These lights start at £395 each. 

See them – and more designs – on the Carousel website.

G light


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