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1950s-inspired Stevotomic clocks at Joybird

The atomic age has inspired these wonderful Stevotomic clocks at Joybird. Our only problem is deciding which one we love the most!

In fact, we have just showcased a few of the designs here, but please, do check out the rest, as they are all as amazing and eye-catching as the ones here. They are also perfect for that 'something special' to set off any 1950s or midcentury-inspired interior.

Anyway, pictured above is the Fanning clock, which is made of 18 gauge steel and is as much a work of art as a timepiece. hat retails for $420. Below you'll find the Gardiner clock, with a similar construction and selling for $530, while at the bottom of the page is the Newson, also made of 18 gauge steel and selling for $530.

Not cheap, but as we said, amazing focal points for a living room.

Joybird website



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