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1950s-style starburst wall clocks by Hi! Time

We do love Etsy, always a great place to find individual items like this 1950s-style starburst wall clock by Hi! Time.

A handmade item, it is available in two finishes, the metallic gold acrylic and cherrywood, as well as a pearlised white acrylic. Both are pictured here so you can compare and contrast to find a favourite.

Both are designed, laser cut and hand assembled in maker’s North East England coastal studio, both are inspired by the mid-20th century and both of the clocks run with a high quality German-made quartz mechanism that just needs a single AA battery.

Of course, you could opt for a George Nelson clock, but you will not get one of those for the price of one of these. That price is a reasonable £45.

Wooden clock at the Etsy website

White clock at the Etsy website




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