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Vintage-style H1 travel trailer by Happier Camper

If you thought there was pretty much nothing cool about a caravan, then you might want to think again. This H1 travel trailer by Happier Camper is coming very soon.

It’s a modern and compact take on a vintage caravan, offering both the looks and the functionality in a very small package. The outside is pure 1950s retro (with a hint of the VW camper van), while the inside uses space as efficiently as possibly via the ‘Adaptiv’ system, of six basic components – a bench, kitchenette, table, cushion, floor panel and lid. The components slots together to create different interiors depending on your needs.

So leave it empty for carrying luggage around, add a bed and kitchenette for outdoor living, a kitchen just for outside catering or just load it with beds for up to five people sleeping. You can also get added technology and appliances too, everything from a Bose audio system to a heated shower. All of that in a unit around 4m long and 2.1m wide.

Want one? That’s the hard bit. You can enquire in the US, with prices arouunf $13,950. Elsewhere is a longer wait, but Europe should see it next year.

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Via Gizmag

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