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1960s Josef Chierowski-designed 366 rocking chair reissued by 366 Concept

Some time back we mentioned the return of the 366 armchair, which is a lovely reissue of a 1960s design. Now there’s a variation on the theme – the Josef Chierowski-designed 366 rocking chair.

Like the other design, this 1960s piece has returned to the market via 366 Concept, which has an exclusive licence to produce the chairs.

It’s a lovely thing too. A rocking chair of course and one with hidden screws to boost its streamlined appearance, along with a vintage style, flat-woven upholstery.

A couple of finishes are available, with Monoqi having them at a discounted price for a short tine. That price starts at €468. Note that it also has the matching midcentury-style tables and the standard chairs too.

Monoqi website



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