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eBay watch: A pair of 1970s Artifort Pierre Paulin-designed Groovy chairs

The name really does fit the product here. We are talking the 1970s Pierre Paulin-designed Groovy chair, with a pair up for sale via eBay right now.

It is a design we have featured in reissued form in the distant past, albeit in a more ‘jazzy’ finish. But the shape is unmistakable.

It’s a space age armchair from 1973 with low slung seating, but a good amount of foam for support. You can get bold finishes, but this one is in a more conservative dark racing green, which might help it fit into more interior settings than perhaps an orange or yellow.

Two chairs, with condition on both described as ‘very nice’. the price for the pair right now is £1,300.

Find out more at the eBay website




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