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eBay watch: 1970s Hornyphon 2623 portable record player


Apologies for featuring another portable record player, but some great designs keep cropping up – which this Hornyphon 2623 portable record player is.

Let's look at the design first, which offers the three-speed record deck, contras for balance, tone and volume and a choice of battery and mains power. Oh yes – and those cool dimpled speakers, which provide stereo sound, then pack back into the deck when not in use, so you can carry it all round like a small briefcase. Very stylish. See an image of that over the page.

Condition? According to the seller, it's 'hardly used' and 'very well-tended', with 'a very few fine and slight scratches on the outside, caused by storage'. Still some time to go, £1 is the current bid price.

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