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Watermelon tea towel by Vera

There's no doubt that this Watermelon tea towel by Vera would brighten up a kitchen. 'Vera' stands for the American designer Vera Neumann who was famous for her designs for silks and textiles, starting from the 1940s.

Her designs are being reissued on new materials, first with the Teacup alley wallpaper and now with this range of tea towels. Look closely at the image and you'll see the design features her trademark 'Vera' signature and ladybird. This vibrant watermelon print is just one of several food related designs available – the other designs include images of kebabs and buffets, both being much more stylish than they sound and definitely worth investigating. 

The tea towel costs £9. 

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Max Dalton mid-century cocktail party cut-out set


Aspire to the mid-century dream lifestyle but were born in the wrong decade and wrong country with the wrong budget? Live out your Mad Men-esque fantasies with this cocktail party cut-out set by Max Dalton

Like one of those paper dolls, you cut up the sheet and place the characters to replicate a swinging 60s soiree. The set includes everything from the house, to the car and the chairs and the slickly attired guests. There's a view of an assembled version over the page but, if the designs really appeal, you could frame the artwork as one piece. Fancy a barbecue instead? Well, you're in luck as Dalton's also designed one of them too with equal style. 

The prints start at $24.24, dependent on size. 

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Three Potato Four at Pedlars

Three potato

Fans of vintage Americana will no doubt already be aware of Three Potato Four. Well, Pedlars have asked them to put together two collections for them, bringing their trademark style to the UK. 

The collections cover an amazing range. There's gas station signage and fan belts, storage boxes from shoe factories and grocery baskets. Everything is available on a first come, first served basis, so if any of that appeals you should click through to the Pedlars website quickly. 

Prices start at £7.50 for vintage model aeroplane propellers and go up to the early hundreds for some of the signs. 

See the range online

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Keep Your Teeth Clean 1930s print

Keep your teeth clean

It's a message that never loses its importance and must have been said in hundreds of different ways over the years, not least in this unusual 1930s Keep Your Teeth Clean print

The striking design looks quite contemporary but in fact was designed in 1938 in America to promote good oral hygiene. The poster has been selected from the images in the massive archive of the Library of Congress and reproduced by a company called Wallblank. Take a look at their selection of 'vintage' prints for more images in this line, alongside more familiar wartime designs and the See America range of posters. 

The print costs between $14 and $24 depending on the size required. 

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Bob’s Your Uncle retro roadside signs plates


Get that American diner feel in your home with these roadside signs plates from Bob's Your Uncle.

The set features four plates based on photographs taken on a road trip around the States. From retro lettering to illuminated pigs, the images selected are pure Americana. And, because they are melamine, the best news is you can take them on your own road trip too. 

Bob's Your Uncle is a Boston based company, established by a British couple Martin and Michelle Yeeles. Their other products include plates based on scenes within a diner and trays featuring more old signage. 

This set of plates costs $40.

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Tony Duquette lighting range at Remains


If you're not familiar with the work of Tony Duquette, he was a Hollywood artist and designer who worked from the 1940s up until the 1990s. Remains Lighting are now producing a range based on his original designs. 

The designs are big on the Hollywood glitz and glamour so perhaps aren't suitable for those with a more minimalistic taste. The Golden Sunburst scone pictured takes inspiration from a motif in a curtain that he designed for the L.A. Music Center in 1964 and is typically ornate. 

Made from hand-polished metal, the prices seem to be aimed at Hollywood stars as, for this design, they range from $2275 for a gloss white finish to $2795 for an antique brass model. Want to see it in the flesh? Although the company is based in New York, you can find details of their London showroom on their website. 

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