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Anglepoise Lamp Type 1228 with yellow shade exclusive to Design Museum


On Wednesday the Design Museum is opening a new exhibition devoted to the work of Kenneth Grange. As you'd expect, the shop is stocking some great related product including this exclusive version of the Anglepoise Lamp Type 1228.

We've featured Grange's update of the Anglepoise, the Type 1228 when it was launched a few years back. The museum's version replaces the green shade with a cheery daffodil yellow shade for an alternative take on a classic design. 

With thirty of the lamps in stock, invest in one for £185. 

Buy it from the Design Museum

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Tiny Tim book light – a miniature Anglepoise-style lamp

Tiny tim

They've already made an oversized Anglepoise, so perhaps it was only a matter of time before someone thought of shrinking it too. That's the case with this Tiny Tim book light

When it says tiny, it means tiny: the lamp is designed to clip onto a book to help you read. Otherwise it's a pretty good similarity – complete with adjustable head and arm so you can get your spotlight just where you want it. 

Available in either black or red, this book light costs £10. 

Buy it from Urban Outfitters 

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Marks and Spencer Anglepoise-style oversized floor lamp


Some time ago, we featured the original Giant Anglepoise lamp back in 2007, selling for an equally hefty £1,660. we've also seen something similar from B&Q with the Tecton lamp, for a more affordable £79. Now there's something shiny from Marks and Spencer in a similar vein – the Oversized Task Floor Lamp.

It's actually got a more modernist feel, both in construction and with that nickel plated steel finish, with the lamp also offering up a round base, adustable stand and a height of around 166cm, which is just short of 6ft tall.

Check out more images on the M&S site, with the price at £125.

Find out more at the Marks and Spencer website

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Tesco retro desk lamp

Tesco lamp

Tesco isn't the first place I'd go when looking for new lighting but their retro desk lamp is worth a look. 

It's their budget version of the classic Anglepoise design, made from metal and using the distinctive spring hinging. It's available in either black or the red colour shown. They've also an oversized version of the lamp for sale – measuring 188cm high. 

The lamp costs a bargain £20. 

Buy it from Tesco direct

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B&Q Tecton – giant Anglepoise-style lamp for your living room


Some of you may remember the Giant Anglepoise 1227 lamp, which was produced to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary. The asking price was £1,660. Thankfully B&Q has done something along similar lines for a fraction of the price with the Tecton floor lamp.

Ok, it;s not quite as big and doesn't wheel around the room like the original giant Anglepoise, but the it does still offer that look, standing 170cm (approaching 6ft) tall, with the ability to direct that large shade and its light pretty much where you want via the adjustable metal frame.

Black and white are the colour options and if you haven't got a van, you can get it delivered to your home by ordering online. Price? That's a very affordable £79.

Find out more at the B&Q website