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Giant Electric Wall Clock by Newgate Clocks


There is a standard-sized version, but if you want real impact on your wall, the Giant Electric Wall Clock by Newgate Clocks should provide it.

It's actually sized at 60cm diameter, as well as being a recreation of a classic wall clock of the 40s and into the 1950s, complete with a metal case, clean printed dial, glass lens and metal hands.

Available in a chrome or black finish, it sells for £160.

Find out more at the Nest website

Categories / Design and Interiors

B&Q Tecton – giant Anglepoise-style lamp for your living room


Some of you may remember the Giant Anglepoise 1227 lamp, which was produced to celebrate the company's 70th anniversary. The asking price was £1,660. Thankfully B&Q has done something along similar lines for a fraction of the price with the Tecton floor lamp.

Ok, it;s not quite as big and doesn't wheel around the room like the original giant Anglepoise, but the it does still offer that look, standing 170cm (approaching 6ft) tall, with the ability to direct that large shade and its light pretty much where you want via the adjustable metal frame.

Black and white are the colour options and if you haven't got a van, you can get it delivered to your home by ordering online. Price? That's a very affordable £79.

Find out more at the B&Q website