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PLOC 1960s-inspired magazine for kids


Whether you buy it for your little ones or for yourself, PLOC magazine is certainly worth getting your hands on.

On the face of it, PLOC is a magazine aimed at children between the ages of three and eight, but look closely and you might notice those distinctive graphics. That's down to the illustration by legendary 60s artist Alain Gree, which makes it worthy of an adult's attention too.

The content walks a fine line between educating and having fun, with stories (How is bread made? What animals live at the farm? Learning to count with happy birds on a wire), colouring pages, spot the difference games, mazes and activities. You can grab a copy via Anorak, £7 is the price. See an inside shot over the page.

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Anorak Kissing Rabbits Tuck Box

Whether you went to boarding school or not, there's a definite appeal to imagining yourself arriving off the train for a new term with this Anorak Kissing Rabbits Tuck Box amongst your belongings.

Ideally this box would be crammed full of enough sherbert lemons and liquorice allsorts to see you through the term ahead but if you're past school age there's still a definite appeal to having a stylish place to store your bits and pieces.

The box is made of coated canvas on hardboard and has solid brass fittings. It measures 50.8cm x 33cm x 27.9cm so it ought to make a sizeable secure hiding place for all of your treasures.

The box costs £125 from Anorak here.