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Retro picnic: John Lewis 150 Years Filled Hamper

We've just been looking at picnic options. Well, the weather has turned for the better and we don't expect it to last forever, so why not? Anyway, plenty of decent options out there, both new and vintage. But for a really top end picnic, this John Lewis 150 Years Filled Hamper is hard to beat.

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Laura Ashley Elite Picnic Hamper

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If you're planning to dine al fresco you really will have everything you could possibly need in this very chic Elite Picnic Hamper from Laura Ashley.

The Keynes Burgundy pattern and muted green colour create that fifties flavour and in keeping with the original hampers of the period, everything you could possibly need for a picnic is fitted ingeniously within. In addition to plates, wineglasses, napkins and cutlery for four, the hamper has an integrated cool box, bread knife, bottle opener, salt and pepper and chopping board. It also comes with a thermos flask and cups and best of all, a shot flask in case the evening cools and you need a nip of something warming.

The hamper costs £149.99 – find out more here.

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Alex Monroe Picnic Hamper Necklace

For a uniquely British take on vintage-inspired jewellery, look no further than South London designer Alex Monroe.

The Picnic Hamper Necklace is part of Alex's newest collection, inspired by the rural idyll of British summertime and the traditional English pursuits of bicycle rides and picnics.

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Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of


If you know someone with a sweet tooth, they'll have their sugar cravings well and try dealt with by this Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of.

It is indeed a whopper – a gigantic wicker hamper packed full of all kinds of traditional sweets. Around 55 different types of sweets, plus some other nostalgic items like a whoppee cushion, water bombs and a genuine old comic to really get you back to childhood.

It weighs in at a scary 13.6kg, selling for £99. See the website for the full breakdown of what you get. If that's a little rich (in money or sugar content), other hampers start at £38, while retro sweets generally start at pennies on the site.

Find out more at the A Quarter Of website