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1970s Puma Basket trainers reissued in white and black


Looking for a non-nonsense trainer with pedigree? Check out this latest reissue of the Puma Basket trainers, offered up in white with black detailing.

The trainers have been around since the 1970s, pre-empting the better-known Clyde, but like that shoe, designed initially for the basketball court. Still loved for their old school looks, the Clyde is reissued here with a premium white upper, contrast stripe and a style pretty much faithful to the original.

Limited numbers (as is the case with almost every trainer reissue these days), you can bag a pair for £55.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

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Carrie Bicycle Basket


Product_thumb php If you're finding that the lengthening days and warmer weather mean that you're venturing out and about on your bicycle once more then why not treat yourself to the Carrie Bicycle Basket?

Inspired by traditional crochet tablecloths but made out of far more enduring polypropylene, the Carrie can be used as a shopping or picnic basket and even flipped upside-down to make an impromptu picnic table.

It comes in black, white and green, complete with a set of hooks for attaching to your bicycle and it costs £64.20.

You can buy the basket from Made in Design here

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1970s Puma Basket trainers reissued


If you're a fan of Puma, you might like to know that the Puma Basket trainers are back on the shelves.

A limited edition reissue, this much loved basketball shoe and pre-cursor to the classic Clyde is back with an original shape and colourway, specifically white with a deep red stripe on the side and heel, gold slipping in for the branding.

The upper is a premium leather and the price online is £55.

Find out more at the End Clothing website

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Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of


If you know someone with a sweet tooth, they'll have their sugar cravings well and try dealt with by this Whopping Retro Sweet Hamper by A Quarter Of.

It is indeed a whopper – a gigantic wicker hamper packed full of all kinds of traditional sweets. Around 55 different types of sweets, plus some other nostalgic items like a whoppee cushion, water bombs and a genuine old comic to really get you back to childhood.

It weighs in at a scary 13.6kg, selling for £99. See the website for the full breakdown of what you get. If that's a little rich (in money or sugar content), other hampers start at £38, while retro sweets generally start at pennies on the site.

Find out more at the A Quarter Of website