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eBay watch: Pair of 1970s wicker Peacock chairs


Watch any TV drama of the late '60s or 1970s and some hipster's flat will almost certainly have one of these in the corner. Unfortunately, wicker hasn't exactly has a good time of it since, although you can see this pair of 1970s wicker Peacock chairs looking good in the right place.

Very distinctive with their high back, they'll probably look good in a 70s-styled flat or some sort of conservatory or summer house. Note that there is some minor wear (see the site listing for full detail and imaging), but nothing major and nothing that takes too much away from the design.

If you fancy them, the two chairs are ours for £30.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Charlotte Chair

The Charlotte Chair may have been created in 1994, but wicker always shrieks retro to me.

It was designed by Mario Botta and manufactured in Italy. It is made from wicker, but on a steel frame, making it more durable than its 1970s counterparts. It costs a little over £1,000, which is a far cry from the 1970s prices too.

It is available to buy online at Panik Design.