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eBay watch: Pair of 1970s wicker Peacock chairs


Watch any TV drama of the late '60s or 1970s and some hipster's flat will almost certainly have one of these in the corner. Unfortunately, wicker hasn't exactly has a good time of it since, although you can see this pair of 1970s wicker Peacock chairs looking good in the right place.

Very distinctive with their high back, they'll probably look good in a 70s-styled flat or some sort of conservatory or summer house. Note that there is some minor wear (see the site listing for full detail and imaging), but nothing major and nothing that takes too much away from the design.

If you fancy them, the two chairs are ours for £30.

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eBay watch: Verner Panton Peacock Chair – Habitat limited reissue


Yes, I know we've featured this before, but the Habitat reissue of the Verner Panton Peacock Chair rarely comes up, so if well worth another mention.

If you missed it last time we featured it, the Peacock Chair dates back to 1969, with a design inspired by a peacock's tail. It's a stunning, attention-grabbing design, even as a reissue.

This reissue dates from 1999, when it was reissued in limited numbers and discontinued in less than a year. 12 years on and it has become a collector's piece in its own right. Condition is described as 'good' and has been 'carefully looked after'. Want it? Bidding is currently at £150.

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eBay watch: Habitat reissue of the 1960s Verner Panton Peacock Chair


In its day, the Verner Panton Peacock Chair was a stunning and eye-catching design, so much so that Habitat reissued the chair for a very short period in the 1990s. It's one of those reissues that you'll find on eBay right now.

Dating back to 1969, the chair has the look of a peacock's fan-like tail, with a galvanised white metal frame hosting seven red circular wool cushions. It's a space age classic, guaranteed to set off any room.

According to the seller, the condition is 'very good', although the cushions might need a dry clean from general wear. £199 is both the starting and current price for it, much less than the Habitat reissue cost at the time.

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Peacock dinnerware by Pied a Terre

Peacock dinner

This peacock dinnerware set by Pied a Terre will definitely make an impact on your table. 

The set includes everything from plates to soup bowls, all decorated with a repeat design of stylised peacock feathers. It's got a definite 1970s feel when that decade's designers were themselves looking back to the Victorian era for inspiration. The dramatic look is enhanced by the high gloss finish and gold detailing used on the set.

Reasonably priced too, with prices ranging from £5.20 for an espresso cup up to £16 for the tea pot. 

Buy it from House of Fraser