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eBay watch: Habitat reissue of the 1960s Verner Panton Peacock Chair


In its day, the Verner Panton Peacock Chair was a stunning and eye-catching design, so much so that Habitat reissued the chair for a very short period in the 1990s. It's one of those reissues that you'll find on eBay right now.

Dating back to 1969, the chair has the look of a peacock's fan-like tail, with a galvanised white metal frame hosting seven red circular wool cushions. It's a space age classic, guaranteed to set off any room.

According to the seller, the condition is 'very good', although the cushions might need a dry clean from general wear. £199 is both the starting and current price for it, much less than the Habitat reissue cost at the time.

Find out more at the eBay website

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