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1930s Marcel Breuer-designed Thonet S285 Desk at Aram

It was really frustrating the Muji never offered its Thonet collaboration to the whole of the UK, as these affordable updates of classics really looked good and were well priced. Saying that, they didn't look quite as cool as the original pieces – like the Thonet S285 Desk.

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Categories / Design and Interiors

1960s CH468 chair by Hans J Wegner goes into production for first time


You can't say that the CH468 chair by Hans J Wegner is an icon of the era, purely because the chair never actually went into production when it was designed, which was back in the 1960s.

But it is going into production in 2010, launching during the London Design Festival in September. The chair was first designed by Wegner in 1960s, with Carl Hansen and Son working from the original drawings, clay models and photos of the prototypes to recreate a lost gem from the 50 years ago.

The frame is brushed stainless steel, the interior frame is handmade in wood and the cushion is in down and foam, all finished off in your choice of material for a truly stylish object. Price? Expect to pay £2,895 when it lands at Aram.

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