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ThinkGeek iCade – turn your Apple iPad into an Atari-powered arcade machine


Originally an April Fool's Day joke by ThinkGeek, the company has actually turned it full circle and produced a working model of the iCade. Best of all – it's soon going to be available to buy very soon.

As you might have guessed, it's a vintage-style arcade cabinet for your Apple iPad. Produced in conjunction with Ion and Atari, the iCade uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad, transferring classic arcade games (like Asteroids for example) to your iPad screen, arcade controls giving you a genuine arcade experience. The APU is going to be released too, allowing any Apple developer to create iCade-compatible games.

Lokk out for it from April (for real this time), priced at $99.99.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website

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Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice


Love old Atari games? Well, if you love them more than you should, these Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice should fit into your home perfectly.

They are moveable and reusable decals that can turn any wall into a giant representation of a classic video game. Take your pick from Asteroids (pictured over the page), Centipede and Pong above.  Of course, it's not one big image, there are between 50 and 97 parts in each set. Which means every graphic has ther potential to be unique in your home.

Available online, prices per set start at £35.

Find out more at the Supernice website

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Atari Arcade pint glass set


Not the sort of pint glasses you'll find in your local pub, but this Atari Arcade Pint 4-pack will do the job just as well.

Of course, not only do these glasses hold a pint of your favourite beverage, they also feature retro designs from classic Atari arcade games. Specifically Asteroids, Centipede, Tempest, and Missile Command and all with the Atari logo on the rear.

Available online, a set will set you back $29.99.

Find out more at the ThinkGeek website