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Jonathan Adler Peace and Love coaster set


More 60s style, courtesy of Jonathan Adler, this time with his Peace and Love coaster set.

Part of his range that's available through Supernice, each set includes four coasters with a different bright sixties style design. They're hand-made using needlepoint and and backed with velvet to complete the luxurious feel. Attractive and unusual, they'll add the perfect touch of Pop and peace to a table. 

Not cheap though. A set of the coasters costs £38. 

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Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice


Love old Atari games? Well, if you love them more than you should, these Atari classic arcade wall stickers at Supernice should fit into your home perfectly.

They are moveable and reusable decals that can turn any wall into a giant representation of a classic video game. Take your pick from Asteroids (pictured over the page), Centipede and Pong above.  Of course, it's not one big image, there are between 50 and 97 parts in each set. Which means every graphic has ther potential to be unique in your home.

Available online, prices per set start at £35.

Find out more at the Supernice website

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Jonathan Adler’s Lolita-style sunglasses case



With summer fading into a memory for another year, it's sadly time to put the sunglasses away. What better way to keep them in style than with Jonathan Adler's heart sunglasses case

Since the 1962 film, heart sunglasses will forever be associated with Lolita and they still frequently crop up on the catwalk. The motif on this case is immaculately crafted using needlepoint and uses a Lolita-style colour scheme too – red frames against a bubblegum pink background. 

The case costs £30. 

Buy it from Supernice

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Donkey Kong wall decals at Supernice


Want to turn your home into a old school video game? Get yourself to Supernice, which has these rather cool Donkey Kong wall decals.

It's the 25th anniversary of Mario this year – and Donkey Kong was his introduction to the world. Indeed, you'll see him in all his pixelated glory next to the large gorilla if you opt for a set.

The Donkey Kong pack includes 42 moveable and reusable stickers, which you can arrange to cover the best part of a room. £55.50 gets you a set online.

Find out more at the Supernice website

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Jonathan Adler tea towels at Supernice


We're massive fans of Jonathan Adler on this site, even though it can be a bit tricky to get hold of his stuff in the UK. Pleasing to see, then, these tea towels which have been added to the existing Adler range at Supernice.  

There are three different patterns to pick from, all appropriately named for a tea towel: Ginseng, Oolong and the Jasmine design which is pictured. Each comes in a choice of four bright colours and are sure to add some retro style to any kitchen. 

Each tea towel costs £8.95.

See them online

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Blik Eames Circles wall decals


Charles and Ray Eames produced many iconic designs but they were never known for their wall stickers. Blik have made the most of this gap in the Eames' output and have produced, in association with the Eames office, these Circles wall decals

The design is based on the Eames' Circle fabric which can be seen on the cushion in the image and is made up of imperfectly shaped, illustration-like circles which are treated in various ways, such as being divided into quarters or filled with other concentric circles. The decals come in a range of four colours (snow, midnight, tomato or graphite) and two different sizes of circles at either 15cm or 38.1cm across. It's then up to you how you place them on your wall to create your own mid-century masterpiece. 

They're priced at either £35 for a pack of 16 small circles or £45 for 10 large circles. 

See them on the Supernice website