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Mario accessories from Year Retro


Straight out of the game and ready to wear, show your gamer loyalty with these Mario accessories from Year Retro (how could we resist a company with a name like that?).

Their range features some of your favourite characters – Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and even the mushrooms – carefully rendered in fuse beads which mimic the pixellated effect of the computer image, and then hung on long silver chains. Year Zero also make brooches and key charms, though with much less choice available than in the chain range. And, if you really want to test your brand loyalty, there's also a Sonic chain available. 

Prices for the chains start at £14.99

See them online

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Donkey Kong wall decals at Supernice


Want to turn your home into a old school video game? Get yourself to Supernice, which has these rather cool Donkey Kong wall decals.

It's the 25th anniversary of Mario this year – and Donkey Kong was his introduction to the world. Indeed, you'll see him in all his pixelated glory next to the large gorilla if you opt for a set.

The Donkey Kong pack includes 42 moveable and reusable stickers, which you can arrange to cover the best part of a room. £55.50 gets you a set online.

Find out more at the Supernice website