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Mondrian wall decals by Lucie Gauthier


You might not be able to afford an original Piet Mondrian artwork for your home, but you might be able to afford the next best thing – one of these Mondrian wall decals by Lucie Gauthier, which just happen to be discounted at Fab right now.

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Donkey Kong wall decals at Supernice


Want to turn your home into a old school video game? Get yourself to Supernice, which has these rather cool Donkey Kong wall decals.

It's the 25th anniversary of Mario this year – and Donkey Kong was his introduction to the world. Indeed, you'll see him in all his pixelated glory next to the large gorilla if you opt for a set.

The Donkey Kong pack includes 42 moveable and reusable stickers, which you can arrange to cover the best part of a room. £55.50 gets you a set online.

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