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Beauty is in the Streets print by Bianca Gomez


If you don't recognize her name, you're sure to recognize Bianca Gomez's London, Paris and New York prints as seen on blogs (including Retro To Go, naturally) and in shops and homes all over the world. She returns to Paris for the subject of a chic new design, this Beauty is in the Streets print. 

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London, Paris, New York prints by Bianca Gomez

Bianca gomez

A great take on three of the world's great cities, courtesy of Bianca Gomez and her prints of London, Paris and New York

Each print depicts a different city in the style of a classic travel poster. While the simple elements are the same in each image – a man in the city, the name of the place running across the print – she manages to inject a bit of personality into each scene. The New York print, for example, looks like its come straight off the cover of a vintage New Yorker magazine, while the London print cleverly uses the font traditionally used for the capital's transport system. The Paris print is suitably full of Gallic charm. 

Each print is A4 sized and you can buy them individually for $30 each, or $75 for a set of three. Alternatively you can get larger individual prints for $60 each. 

Buy them from Bianca Gomez's Etsy store