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Bianca Hall ‘From Here to Eternity’ Bus Blind Prints

Bianca Hall’s “From Here to Eternity” prints are the latest design to follow the classic bus destination blind style.

Available in a choice of three colours (red, blue or black), the print references the 1953 Burt Lancaster/Deborah Kerr film as well as conveying a romantic sentiment that make it an ideal gift for your partner. The print is sold framed in a black wood frame.

Buy the bus blind print from the Kiss Her website, priced £125.

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Penny Girl Dolls from Kiss Her by Bianca Hall

Penny doll
The new range from Kiss Her by Bianca Hall takes its inspiration from Penny Girl dolls. Penny dolls were small dolls made entirely from bisque, mass produced in Germany and Japan from the late 1800s up until about 1930. They were called penny dolls because that was what they usually cost in the sweet shops where they were sold.

This range reproduces images of the dolls onto homewares, initially tea towels and tote bags but soon to be available on cushions and prints too. The photographs are reproduced in bright pinks and purples or like a photographic negative giving a more contemporary look to the very old fashioned subject matter.

The price for the bags start at £8.50 while the tea towels cost £12 each.

Buy them online