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Rolling Stones limited edition numbered vinyl box set collections


If you've ever wanted to own the complete works of the Rolling Stones in vinyl, November 22nd 2010 should be pencilled into your diary – that the shelf date of the Rolling Stones limited edition numbered vinyl box set collections.

Two sets, one covering 1964 – 1969, the other taking in 1971 – 2005. Every release from those years is included on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl, including the first five albums in mono, the early EPs and collections such as the 'Big Hits' and Metamorphosis. The Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) album even appears in its original octagonal cover.

If you want the full breakdown of just what's included, check out our Electric Roulette site for that. Otherwise, sit tight and start saving. No price as yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if these went for around £200 each.

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Space 1999 TV series to be released on Blu-ray by Network


It's probably the TV series we talk about the most on this site. Indeed, we mentioned it this week relating to the classic Guzzini Sorella lamp. So you can see why we're excited about Space 1999 being issued on Blu-ray for the very first time by Network.

A product of the 70s and packing more space age design than a high-end Chelsea retailer in 1973, the Gerry Anderson-produced show (as the title suggests) was actually set from September 13th, 1999 – a nuclear waste dump explodes, blasting the Moon and Moonbase Alpha out of Earth's orbit and into a world of weird and wonderful, 70s-styled aliens and space hangouts.

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