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Limited edition UFO postcard set by Piper Gates Design


Remember the UFO print we featured earlier in the month? Well, the people behind that are back with a variation on the theme – this limited edition UFO postcard set by Piper Gates Design.

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Hang out with Sir Roger Moore at The Persuaders 40th anniversary event


If you love classic ITC shows, then 10th September 2011 is a date worth noting, as that's the date for The Persuaders 40th anniversary.

Sadly, Tony Curtis is no longer around, but Sir Roger Moore will host the event at Kent House, Knightsbridge. Get there at 6pm for a food and drink reception, followed by an HD screening of two episodes (the event is also promoting the HD reissue of the series), then a Q&A and signing session with Sir Rog. That costs £40. Play the top-end £80 and you get an advance copy of the Blu-ray set, plus the opportunity to schmooze with Sir Rog and get your Blu-ray signed. The original Aston Martin from the series will also be on hand, should that float your boat.

All tickets are limited and available from the Network website. You can find out more about the Blu-ray set here and see over the page for a restored clip of the show.

Via Modculture

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The Prisoner limited edition poster by Piper Gates Design


You might well remember Piper Gates Design from the Syd Barrett colouring book as well as the earlier Joy Division colouring book. Well, the company has now moved into limited edition artwork, kicking off with this limited edition poster of The Prisoner.

It's a smart item too. Obviously inspired by 1960s cult classic TV series The Prisoner (see McGoohan and that 'bubble' on the front cover), it also uses the format of 1960s Penguin paperback reference books, complete with an old 3'6 price tag on the top.

25 copies only are being made, all sized at 500mm x 700mm, printed on 194 gram paper and signed by the artist. £19.99 secures you one online.

Find out more at the eBay website

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Space 1999 TV series to be released on Blu-ray by Network


It's probably the TV series we talk about the most on this site. Indeed, we mentioned it this week relating to the classic Guzzini Sorella lamp. So you can see why we're excited about Space 1999 being issued on Blu-ray for the very first time by Network.

A product of the 70s and packing more space age design than a high-end Chelsea retailer in 1973, the Gerry Anderson-produced show (as the title suggests) was actually set from September 13th, 1999 – a nuclear waste dump explodes, blasting the Moon and Moonbase Alpha out of Earth's orbit and into a world of weird and wonderful, 70s-styled aliens and space hangouts.

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