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Fancy a Retro To Go weekend to the Midland in Morecambe?


Ok, we did talk about doing a Retro To Go weekend, but never got round to sorting it out. Well, after some discussions and a reconnaissance mission to the town this weekend, we are considering a Retro To Go weekend event in Morecambe.

Aside from the (severely) faded glamour of the place itself (a great place for charity shopping, vintage clothing and vintage books), we're looking at trying to book the art deco Midland Hotel, recently renovated by Urban Splash and a stunning mix of the old and the new.

We have ideas to keep you busy all weekend, but before we start planning anything, we want to know if people would be interested. Feedback across any of our social networks, the site and 'old school' email. Just let us know and we can start looking at this seriously.

Check out the Midland at Morecambe

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Hang out with Sir Roger Moore at The Persuaders 40th anniversary event


If you love classic ITC shows, then 10th September 2011 is a date worth noting, as that's the date for The Persuaders 40th anniversary.

Sadly, Tony Curtis is no longer around, but Sir Roger Moore will host the event at Kent House, Knightsbridge. Get there at 6pm for a food and drink reception, followed by an HD screening of two episodes (the event is also promoting the HD reissue of the series), then a Q&A and signing session with Sir Rog. That costs £40. Play the top-end £80 and you get an advance copy of the Blu-ray set, plus the opportunity to schmooze with Sir Rog and get your Blu-ray signed. The original Aston Martin from the series will also be on hand, should that float your boat.

All tickets are limited and available from the Network website. You can find out more about the Blu-ray set here and see over the page for a restored clip of the show.

Via Modculture

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eBay watch: Original Festival of Britain Design in the Festival book


Do a search for Festival of Britain on eBay, you'll be amazed at what you find. Everything from stamps and coins through to glasses and teapots, most of it for not a lot of cash. Why an I telling you this? Well, this year is the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, a celebration of post-war Britain and all it offered. Lots of reproduction material is likely to hit the market, but something like this original Design In The Festival book is far more interesting – and not too expensive.

It's an original publication produced by the Council of Industrial Design and according to the seller, one of the 'scarcer publications' of the event. Certain to appeal to midcentury fans, it is a fully illustrated review of British goods including sections on furniture, textiles, ceramics, electrical appliances, motor cars and cameras. Also numerous pages of contemporary advertisements, many in full colour.

132 pages including covers and in 'generally very good clean condition', the book is up now at £14.95.

Find out more at the eBay website

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eBay watch: Original 1968 Alan Aldridge-designed The Arts and Censorship event posters


Finding just one original 1960s event poster would be a find, but the seller here has obviously found a quantity of original Alan Aldridge-designed The Arts and Censorship event posters somewhere – and is selling them for a very reasonable price on eBay.

The poster was printed in 1968 for a large event put on by The National Council for Civil Liberties and  The Defence of Literature & The Arts Society at the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 9th December 1968. Aldridge did the artwork for the event, which featured the likes of The Grateful Dead, John Peel, Rita Tushingham, George Melly and Paul Jones to name just a few.

The poster is printed on coated paper stock in full colour, sized around 31 x 20 inches. Condition is described as 'good', but with the occasional bent corner due to storage for 40+ years. Price? A very affordable £30.18 on a 'buy it now'. More than 10 are available.

Find out more at the eBay website