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Fancy a Retro To Go weekend to the Midland in Morecambe?


Ok, we did talk about doing a Retro To Go weekend, but never got round to sorting it out. Well, after some discussions and a reconnaissance mission to the town this weekend, we are considering a Retro To Go weekend event in Morecambe.

Aside from the (severely) faded glamour of the place itself (a great place for charity shopping, vintage clothing and vintage books), we're looking at trying to book the art deco Midland Hotel, recently renovated by Urban Splash and a stunning mix of the old and the new.

We have ideas to keep you busy all weekend, but before we start planning anything, we want to know if people would be interested. Feedback across any of our social networks, the site and 'old school' email. Just let us know and we can start looking at this seriously.

Check out the Midland at Morecambe