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C60 Mug by Rod Clark

C60 mug
Nostalgic for the days of cassette tapes? Even if your choice of musical format has moved on, you can share your love with this C60 mug, designed by Rod Clark.

The design is based on the label from a 1970s BASF cassette tape which has been simply wrapped around the mug. Perfect for using alongside this cassette coaster

The mug costs £6.99

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C60 cassette wallpaper from Mini Moderns

C60 wallpaper

Two favourite things meet in this wallpaper: a love of the humble cassette and a love of Mini Moderns' designs. Mini Modern's latest design for kids (or grown-ups who haven't quite grown up) is the C60 wallpaper. The pattern repeats a variety of different tapes, bringing back fond memories of carefully creating and listening to mix tapes with names such as 'summer hits' or 'party mix'.

The image shown is in the chalkboard and gold option but, if you are extra keen to encourage your kids to pay homage to this lost technology, it also comes in the customisable 'colour me' option. Both versions cost £38 per roll. 

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