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Floppy disk-shaped recordable CDs at Urban Outfitters


Missing the floppy disk drive on your PC? Well, worry no more – these floppy disk-shaped recordable CDs should sort you out.

Yes, we said 'CD', with each of the disk-like discs holding up to 200MB of data, which is more than enough for a pile of photos or a good number of MP3s. Of course, there's also the novelty value as your friends look on confused at your use of old school tech in your new school computer.

Available online, they sell for £6.

Find out more at the Urban Outfitters website

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Retro Fonts book and CD by Gregor Stawinski


Something to appeal to the designer in all of us, the Retro Fonts book and CD by Gregor Stawinski.

The book is the focal point here, an exhaustive look at classic and vintage fonts, over 400 dating from 1830 to the end of the 20th century. All are shown in the style of old type specimen books as alphabets with sample words/phrases, shown opposite classic examples of the fonts in use in historical context. From Art Deco, Bauhaus and Swiss through to Sixties, Disco and Punk, they're all here.

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