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Crayola Letter Art by The Letteroom

The Letteroom specialises in personalised gifts, which isn’t that unusual, but their Crayola Letter Art is something a bit different.

Housed in a white wooden box frame, it consists of a capital letter made entirely from Crayola crayons of different lengths and colours. You get to pick the letter obviously, but you can also chose between multi-coloured crayons, shades of pinks or shades of blue.  It would make a good  gift for a child or an adult nostalgic for childhood.

Buy it directly from The Letteroom for £37.50

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How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever by Linda Scott

I don’t know about you, but I know everyone in my class went through a craze for bubble writing back in the 1980s, so this book “How to be the Best Bubble Writer in the World Ever” by Linda Scott brought back some childhood memories.

The book devotes a double page spread to each of the hand-drawn typefaces it features, with one page devoted to the alphabet in that style and the other page showing the inspiration behind it. The book contains various activities to get you doodling creatively.

Buy it from Amazon for £6.12.

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Hanna Melin retro childhood ABC print

Melin ABC

We've had a glimpse into Hanna Melin's childhood before with her Summer Holiday 1989 tote bag. Now that nostalgia is taken one step further with this retro childhood ABC print, available exclusively at Rockett St George

The print is crammed full of Melin's illustration of famous toys, mainly drawn from the 1980s and 90s: keep a look out for Mr Potato Head, My Little Pony, Trolls and Barbie just for starters. It's sure to have you longing for the toy box of your childhood. 

The print is sold unframed and costs £25. 

See it online

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My Egg and Soldiers

My Egg and Soldiers set by Takae Mizutani and Sons is a product inspired by that childhood favourite of egg and toast soldiers.

The egg cup is shaped like a castle, but where this set is truly unique is that the toast gets its own container too – a horse-shaped cup, so they can look like toy soldiers going into battle.

The Egg and Soldiers set is available in either white or natural and costs £22.85 from Brighton Pod.

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Fairy Liquid’s 50th anniversary and the return of the white bottle

Fairy liquid

It's the return of the bottle that launched a million model rocket ships with the aim of marking the 50th anniversary of Fairy Liquid

Yes, for a limited period, Fairy are selling their washing-up liquid in the white bottle with green lettering that everyone remembers from growing up. 

Shoppers in Morrisons may have spotted it already and it's soon also to be on the shelves at Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, offering the perfect opportunity to bottle a bit of your childhood. 

Find out more from the Fairy website