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Vinyl chopping board

Chopping board
As well as coasters, book-ends, Christmas tree decorations and actually listening to the stuff, it seems there's another vinyl-inspired item available for the home: this vinyl chopping board.

Yes, this board comes in the shape of a traditional vinyl record. Rather than having the song title and artist on the label, it's decorated with a nice, bright picture of a tomato instead. You won't be able to put it on a turntable but it's sure to inspire hours of music relating pun fun as you are chopping up your onions,

This slice of kitchen fun costs £15. 

Buy it from Urban Outfitters

Categories / Food and Drink, Homeware

Apple chopping board from Lotta Kühlhorn


Following on from the post earlier in the week, here's more exciting news for those on the lookout for interesting chopping boards. We've previously featured Lotta Kühlhorn's fabulously coloured apple mugs and her range for retro etc. includes several other great designs, such as this apple chopping board. Like the mugs, they use the repeated Pop-like motif of an apple, reflecting her interest in 1970s design. 

They're in-store in Skandium but sadly not on their website and, while the mugs are widely available, I've struggled to find an on-line retailer for the board. However, you can get them through FromSthlm, a US based retailer who also stock Kühlhorn's apple coasters. The board costs $32, while the coasters cost $14 for a set of four. 

Buy it at FromSthlm