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Fine Little Day Fun Forest Apron from Urban Outfitters

Now that the temperature's increasing there's a definite sense of a new season just around the corner, so time to clear out cupboards and drawers and generally get cracking with your spring cleaning. Of course there's no reason why one shouldn't have the right outfit for such endeavours and the Fine Little Day Fun Forest Apron available exclusively from Urban Outfitters fits the bill perfectly.

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Retro dish cloths by Ingela Arrhenius

Arrhenius dishcloths
Ingela Arrhenius is becoming a regular on this site, and now her 50s and 60s influenced designs are more accessible than ever with these retro dish cloths.

We've featured quite a few of these Scandinavian designer dish cloths before – a far cry from the usual soggy washing-up implements. There are three different designs to choose from here, each with its own cute creature. Take your pick from an owl, a cat or a hen, all depicted in her distinctive style. 

The cloths cost £3.75 each. 

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Retro arcade sponge at Urban Outfitters

Pac-man sponge

Most people will probably be thankful for anything that makes the chore of washing-up more exciting. For those who have moved from gaming into domesticity, this retro arcade sponge from Urban Outfitters might liven up your task a bit. 

The sponge is in the instantly recognisable shape and colour of arcade favourite Pac-Man. As it says on the packaging, use it to munch your way through the dirty dishes. 

If you're feeling creative, you could get cutting at your own sponges and recreate the look. For those who prefer someone else to do the dirty work, it costs £6.

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