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Keith Haring Balance Game from Colette

Keith_image_147722_en There is no reason why even the most mundane child's toy can't be stylish and beautiful – as with this Keith Haring Balance Game from Parisian concept store Colette.

The Balance Game is created by Vilac, a long-established French brand, crafting quality children's toys from wood in the forests of Jura.  It's 18 pieces of brightly coloured wood in the shape of Keith Haring's distinctive figures which can be stacked on top of one another in a game which develops concentration, hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills – never mind a fine appreciation of modern art at the same time.

The game costs 28 euros from Colette here.


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Keith Haring x Case Scenario ‘Save Japan’ iPhone 4 case


Japan is currently suffering from an appalling natural disaster, with many people rushing to help in any way possible. Paris store Colette has joined in the efforts, teaming up with a variety of designers to produce a 'Save Japan' range, with all profits going to help support rescue efforts in the country. This Keith Haring x Case Scenario 'Save Japan' iPhone 4 case is one of the products being sold.

As you can see, it's case for your iPhone in white with a classic '80s Haring design in the back in black and red. It gives your smartphone some old school cool. But more importantly, 100 per cent of profits goes to the Japanese Red Cross.

Grab one online for £17.35. More products will be added to the store's range over the next week, so keep checking back.

Find out more at the Colette website

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Eames-inspired Hang it All – Hang it Big by Ruby Anemic


The original was one of the first things we featured on this site and there was also a limited edition last year that we also covered. But neither of the original Hang-It-Alls have the impact of the Hang It All – Hang it Big by Ruby Anemic. Because it's huge.

Artist Ruby Anemic has created a 200 x 160cm sculpted tribute to the iconic 1953 coat rack by Charles & Ray Eames, with those tubes made of lacquered white metal, topped off by the polychrome lacquered spheres.

Signed and numbered and limited to 53 units, it sells online for an equally hefty 8,300 Euros, plus shipping of course.

Find out more at the Colette website

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Pattern People Prince and Michael Jackson bags


Organic cotton is hardly what you'd think of being the fabric of choice for either Prince or Michael Jackson, but it's the material used for Pattern People's fun bags featuring those two musical icons. 

Each tote bag features an illustration of the icons shown at the height of their musical powers: Prince is shown in his Purple Rain phase, while you can see an image of Michael in full-on king of pop mode over the page. 

Pattern People's other bags have more of a fashion focus and feature Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld but all are pretty stylish alternatives to many of the eco shoppers around. That's reflected in the price too, as they cost £34.93 each. 

Buy them from the Colette website

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